For Members

The Benefast Signature Plan gets you and your families covered quickly. You will have immediate access to industry leading drug coverage, dental coverage, vision coverage, and extended health coverage. There are no wait-times to access full coverage. All members will also have access to Employee and Family Assistance Plans that provide legal, marriage, grief, financial, and psychological counselling.

Our plans also include excellent travel health insurance coverage, eliminating the need for you to purchase individual travel insurance before going on holiday or a work-trip. Second Opinion Referral Services for critical illnesses are also included, giving yourself and loved ones peace of mind in the event of a health emergency.

The Benefast Signature Plan also includes a drug card that allows for direct-billing at most leading pharmacies and dental offices. Out of pocket expenses are reimbursed through online banking within 48 hours of claim. The Benefast Signature Plan takes the hassle out of health spending.