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Welcome to Benefast! The brand new approach to Employee Benefits. For the first time ever you can shop for employee benefits entirely online, without the interference of pushy sales people. Finally, employee benefits shopping for the 21st century business. At Benefast, our goal is to conveniently provide growing businesses like yourselves top-end benefits coverage at an affordable price.

All you have to do is push the “Get Quote Here” button below. At that point you will be asked whether you currently have a plan in place or not. If you do not, we can provide you an instant benefit quote for the Benefast Startup Plan! The Benefast Startup Plan is the easiest and fastest way for a growing business to shop for and implement a professional benefits plan. If you currently do have benefits, we will recommend the Benefast Signature Plan. It is the perfect solution for businesses looking for an alternative to their current employee benefits plan. And, just like with the Startup Plan, you will not have to talk to any pushy sales people. Welcome to Benefast, the future of Canadian employee benefits.

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How it Works

Benefast allows you to conveniently shop for robust benefit coverage, whatever your benefit situation*. As long as you have been in business for a year, and have three people looking for coverage, you will be able to find exactly what you are looking for through us: Canada’s first digital employee benefits brokerage. For companies without coverage, all you need to do is to input some basic employee information and we will provide you with an instant quote and online enrollment. For companies with existing coverage, all you have to do is to upload some information about your current plan. We will then analyze that information, and provide you with alternative quotes within 3 business days. No sales people will contact you, but you can always reach out to our experienced service team with any questions. With Benefast YOU are in control of your employee benefits from start to finish. Welcome to Benefast! Welcome to the future of Canadian employee benefits.


For Employers

The Benefast Signature Plan arose from our collective experience in placing Employee Benefits packages. The Benefast Signature Plan positions you as a responsible and generous employer, while allowing for cost containment.

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For Administrators

The Benefast Signature Plan comes with industry leading online administration. You will be able to add and subtract employees, view claims experience, manage usage, and access other industry leading resources pertinent to your plan.

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For Members

The Benefast Signature Plan gets you and your families covered quickly. You will have immediate access to industry leading drug coverage, dental coverage, vision coverage, and extended health coverage.

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For Providers

Benefast is an innovative approach to employee benefits designed to streamline the quoting and implementation process. By partnering with Benefast, you will be working with the most exciting and dynamic small businesses in Canada.

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